BS English Linguistics

BS in English is a four-year undergraduate programme with a focus on Linguistics. The programme will provide a professional career path to interested students in English Language, Linguistics or Applied Linguistics. Besides core linguistics courses and areas, the programme will also provide learning opportunities to students in English language and communication skills, basics of English Literature, and a wide range of subjects from social sciences, management sciences, and applied sciences. The programme is based on the HEC proposed BS English Curriculum 2011/12.

Career Paths & Further Opportunities

  1. A variety of careers such as technical writing, journalism, public relations, management, diplomacy, law, linguistics, applied linguistics; speech therapist, computational linguistics, printing, translation and publishing fields and education await graduates of this programme.
  2. The programme aims to prepare the students academically for language-related careers or advanced, graduate-level studies. These careers or graduate studies may be in linguistics or other fields, such as law, international business and TESOL (Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages)
  3. Students receive the theoretical and practical foundational knowledge needed to teach language at the postsecondary/college level and to progress to research work in applied linguistics or other language-study or language-teaching related areas.


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The department of Humanities offers multiple courses in English, Communication, Islamic Studies, Pakistan Studies, Organizational Behavior, Entrepreneurship, Logic and Critical Thinking, and Engineering and Professional Ethics

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